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  • TONIGHT @therecordcomp w/ @amasahines - doors open at 8:30pm!
  • @liseoleary we LOVE @shaedband !!! They're amazing and so talented - definitely come early to check them out before they hit it big 🍾
  • @liseoleary it's not exactly a Q & A but we can certainly take questions ❤️
  • @ardieparty @MarianHillMusic this is a rly big question that I'm not witty enough to answer via Twitter!
  • There will be incredibly enthusiastic keys / synth / soul stoppingly intense sub action
  • There will be dramatic lighting
  • There will be sax.
  • But Boulder the thrilling news is that there are still a few tix left for tomorrow night
  • Taking over this account for the next few hours. Thank you SO much to everyone who bought tix to Denver- we're SOLD…
  • YOOO @MarianHillMusic here- 🎉🎉💋💋 splendid morning from somewhere in Wyoming
  • Fox Followers - @MarianHillMusic will be taking over our twitter account tomorrow! Still a few tix left for our Sun…
  • Check this out from @ilovelucius and check them out on 11/14!
  • This podcast taught us that we love @carseatheadrest all the more. Don't miss this great band with @nakedgiants on…
  • ICYMI - great piece from @moonhooch on "Between the Notes." Moon Hooch will be here on Sat 10/29 #party
  • Check @richsrobinson 's new video and catch him with @LutherDickinson on Fri 10/21 - tix @!
  • ICYMI - @LutherDickinson on @WorldCafe. Don't miss Luther + @richsrobinson on Fri 10/21 - tix at…
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